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At Amber Cosmetology, we believe that clients deserve the best when it comes to beauty and wellness treatments. Our luxurious Lucknow clinic has world-class facilities for your skin, hair and body where the treatments are guaranteed to give you the desired results with safe, proven procedures in aesthetic medicine.

Vision & Mission

To nurture a stronger emphasis on wellness and self-care among people, and in the process, empower them with self-confidence. To this end, always provide best-in-class and evidence-based aesthetic treatments in the most ethical manner possible with an immense focus on client satisfaction and amazing clinical results.

To revolutionize the medical beauty space, starting from Uttar Pradesh, by providing patients with the best treatments using world-class technology that will help achieve youthful skin and a healthy body with minimally invasive options for maximum results and a shortened recovery period.

About the Founder

Dr. Naznin Holia conceptualized the clinic with a lot of passion and devotion for her profession. Her dedication led her to open a cutting-edge cosmetology facility in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Prior to obtaining an MBBS at SMIMER in Surat, Gujarat, she finished her elementary and secondary studies in Abu Dhabi. Her interest in aesthetic medicine evolved, and she transitioned from being a general practitioner to earning a PG Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

She has received training from a number of aesthetic medicine specialists worldwide, including Jamuna Pai and Akbar Aimer, who are among the most experienced professionals in the field. Dr. Naznin is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Since 4 years, she has been treating cosmetic dermatology patients, giving them the greatest care possible. With Amber Cosmetology, she brings to her clients world class services in a plush setting.

Our Services

At Amber, we place the utmost importance on ensuring that you look stunning and radiate confidence from within, and our services are geared toward achieving this goal. In our luxurious clinic area, let us take care of all your needs for your skin, body, and hair—a one-stop destination for self-pampering. Come and experience flawless outcomes and total comfort at every turn on your path to becoming the most confident version of yourself.

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The 10 Values of Amber

The 10 Values of Amber

  • Ethical

    We uphold medical ethics, by providing care to the patients to the best of our abilities.

  • Safety-first

    Our treatments are clinically proven, and administered by certified medical professionals.

  • Superior care

    We provide care that’s clinically sound and which solves the patient’s problems in the most meaningful manner.

  • Assured results

    With industry-best machines and the experienced hands behind them, get assured results.

  • Quality of service

    The machines we use are authentic- produced by respected manufacturers. And our professionals are highly experienced.

  • Best experience

    We club a luxurious setting with proven treatments for a world-class experience.

  • Transparency

    From treatment types to the steps involved & benefits, all information you need is provided up front.

  • Patient centricity

    We listen to the patients’ concerns, and explore the best possibilities to address them.

  • Quick response time for treatments

      We assure you that the treatments you receive would yield quick and effective results.

  • Confidentiality

    The clinical issues you confront and the medical care you receive will remain confidential.

What people say about us

Shahab Alam

The ambience and staff is very amazing. Dr. Naznin is also fabulous. She is an expert in her field. The treatment result is very prominent in the first sitting. Really thankful to Dr. Naznin. Everyone should visit this place for their cosmetology issue.

Mehvash Salman

I had a great experience in the Amber cosmetology clinic. Dr. Naznin Holia was really helpful with my acne problems. Her clinic is equipped with contemporary gadgets for advanced level treatments. I would highly recommend her.

Gaurav Dwivedi

A perfect place for all aesthetic & cosmetic procedures below one AMBER....

Abhishek Goyal

Best place in Lucknow for all your aesthetic and cosmetic needs.

Ayush Pandey

Equipped with the latest and best equipment. Dr Naznin is the best there is with a fresh outlook and a great vision for the city. Defined a must visit for all aesthetic and cosmetic needs.

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